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Xile (Singapore) Pte Ltd

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Xile (Singapore) Pte Ltd was incorporated on 1st February 2007. It is the first regional office of Xingle Group Co. Ltd, the most renowned cable manufacturer of Zhejiang, China, with annual turnover amounting to over RMB 8 billion. The main company has over 26 factories spread over China and is looking to expand its market share both domestically and internationally. We produced a wide range of products, including high and low voltage electrical cables, building wires, marine cables, power and control cables, mining cables, communication cables, enamelled wires as well as embranchment cables. Due to the high quality of the products, the company had earned a reputation as a National Inspection-Free Enterprise. In addition, having established great relationship with Australian enterprises, we are involved in the trading of copper cathodes and copper rods to China, which seek to meet the raising demand of copper within the China market.


Our main office took the step to set up an office in Singapore as it is the most ideal and suitable location to reach out to the rest of ASEAN as well as Pacific region. With the Supplement Free Trade Agreement (FTA) being implemented between Singapore and China in 2006, the trade would be better facilitated and accommodated, allowing for transaction to be effectively and efficiently administered. Major projects such as the Shanghai MRT as well as the 2008 Olympics are outstanding projects that were undertaken by our company.


Till date, we have already attained PSB certifications and have been recognized and registered as BCA and HDB approved branding. Despite our new introduction, we have been able to supply to projects for HDB lift upgrading, government related building such as the BCA building and ITE school building, private housing such as condominium and bungalows, as well as for the use in high performance switchboard and circuit board.


The company has engaged in R & D in search for better and more efficient technology, which would better meet our customers’ needs and help enhance performance. In 2006, the company managed to attain a breakthrough in the industry after successfully developing a cost efficient and high performance cable, which is widely used for building and underground purposes. The core of the cable is made from aluminum, and its surrounding is made of copper (. It has better performance than copper wires and cost 30% lower than copper wires. The company has achieved patents for its invention and is the only company that produces this cable. The specification of the wires can be attained from the website.


We are confident about providing for markets within the ASEAN and Pacific region and have high assurance for our products, having attained International recognition such as, IEC CB test scheme from IECEE as well as CCC Authentication Certificate issued by CQC, in addition to the Product Listing Scheme from PSB Singapore