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Assembla LLC

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Assembla Philosophy

Inspired by open source means that we have adopted the best practices from open source development, and applied professional recruiting and management. The result is fast, iterative development with globally distributed teams.

We are also inspired by Web 2.0. This means we release early and release often, with fast reaction times that aspire to be instant. It also means letting users add and manage content and ideas, since they are faster and smarter about it than we are. It means investing in a great product experience, rather than excess sales and marketing. It means making adoption free, fast, and fun.

Low overhead. As entrepreneurs, we want what you want - unlimited scalability with no fixed costs.

Work with the best. Many people in the software business will say that a good developer is 10 times as productive as an average developer, but they are not willing to do the work to find the good developers. We are. We communicate with developers all over the world and engage them in paid, competitive trials to find the ones who are talented, productive and skilled at working in distributed teams.