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Glosap Consulting Pte. Ltd

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Glosap consulting is a Singapore based company founded in 2006. It was created to give clients more value added services than just a consulting company. Our sole focus is to help our clients to get the best possible return on their investment (ROI) in IT Investments. We listen, assess, advise and educate, and we’re pro-active, sharing knowledge and experience of the latest developments in the SAP product range, VMware Solutions, Web Solutions, Master data Online and helping customers to understand how new features and technologies could benefit them.

Glosap goal is to enable people to use IT to maximise their organisation’s potential. Glosap comprises a network of SAP consulting experts globally and always working together to accomplish SAP system implementation and optimization of business processes. Our organisation is a prestigious world leader in IT Services and Management Consultancy with a culture which equips people with the ability to aim high, to exceed expectations, and to enjoy their work at the same time.