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Appen Butler Hill

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Appen Butler Hill is a language technology solutions and consulting firm; recognized as a global leader in the quality, range and caliber of its expertise. We provide sophisticated speech and language technology services and products to our clients, major international technology companies and government organizations, and help technology firms extend products with core linguistic components into worldwide markets. Appen Butler Hill was formed in 2011 by the merger of Appen Pty Ltd and the Butler Hill Group. Both companies have more than 15 years of pioneering experience in modern language technology. Appen’s demonstrated leadership in Speech Technology and Butler Hill’s expertise in Search and Text Analytics enable the combined company to offer its clients the most complete and high-quality set of linguistic solutions available. Our approach is to support and partner with our clients at any phase of the product life cycle, from research to large-scale operations. We offer customized solutions, flexibility and services tailored to fit specific needs. With our dedication to quality, our commitment to agility and our expert knowledge, we provide everything needed to scale language-based products with speed and success, around the globe. Our products and services include data collection,transcription, data annotation, search relevance evaluation and linguistic consultingin a wide range of areas and languages.