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Nando's Chickenland Singapore Pte Ltd

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Nando's is a casual dining restaurant chain originating from South Africa with a Portuguese/Mozambiquan theme. Founded in 1987, Nando's operates in 26 countries and on five continents. Part of the Nando’s passion lies in believing in myths, legends and ageless truths that have stood the test of many centuries. All Nando’s employees (Nandocas) wear a cockerel (Barcelos Cockerel) close to their hearts everyday. Barcelos Cockerel is one of Nando’s favourite legends which remains the most visible expression of Nando’s passionate pursuit of Faith, Justice and Good Luck. Nando's chickens are fresh A-grade chickens that are trimmed of fat & butterfly cut, marinated for 24 hours in our Afro-Portuguese secret recipe, oils dripped off during the cooking process, and flame grilled to perfection with your choice of 4 PERi-PERi flavours - lemon and herb, medium, hot or extra hot peri-peri marinades. Robbie Brozin, the founder of Nando’s, believe that Nando’s must remain ‘human’ above all. “Nando’s is not just about chicken. It’s never been just about chicken. It is about the pride, the passion, the courage, the integrity and family of a Nandocas. The Nandocas are what made Nando’s what we are and who will determine what we become,” explains Robbie.