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Broadcom Singapore Pte Ltd

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With our commitment to innovation, our value of leadership and our drive for excellence, Broadcom is a center for entrepreneurial challenge in communications technologies. Challenge yourself! Innovation At Broadcom, you will be part of cutting-edge technology innovation. This is your opportunity to improve your skills and abilities by working with industry experienced leaders and a highly talented and accomplished workforce. We have an extensive and broad IP portfolio featuring over 11,000 U.S. and foreign patents and applications. This portfolio is recognized annually by IEEE as one of the top ranked portfolios among semiconductor companies. Leadership We understand the value of change and take calculated risks to maintain our lead in communications technologies. Our leadership originates from our engineering innovators with almost 75% of our workforce covering software and hardware engineering. We excel not only in the vision of our business leaders, but also in platforms to leverage market convergence. The result is long-term success and stability in the fiscal market. Excellence We stand behind our results-oriented culture. You will be an essential member of a small team of smart people focused on solving challenges that directly impact our business relationships. Learn what it means to be part of a team that delivers exciting technologies to the top customers worldwide. At Broadcom, you will have the opportunity to be an entrepreneur and see your talents make an immediate, measurable and lasting impact on our continued success.