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Feet Care Pte Ltd

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FeetCare is a new company changing the landscape of footwear and foot care. We sell shoes that can be returned by our customers even though they have worn them, if they think it's not comfortable. We go to people's houses and look at their shoes and their feet and recommend footwear most suitable for their needs. We help workers who have to stand for long hours at work by providing personally fitted work shoes. We believe that feet pain is an unnecessary problem, and does not happen naturally because of "old age". More often, it is the lack of awareness of our own feet and the shoes that are right for us. As a member of our team, you will get the chance to experience the most comfortable shoes and highest quality foot care products in the market. You will also get the chance to see how your work makes a difference to the life and mobility of another person. If this sounds like what you are interested in, drop us a mail :)