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Doreimi Music School Pte Ltd

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Doreimi Music School started in 2008. Doreimi is one of the most recognized music school in singapore and well known for our teaching model and method. We have two branches in Singapore, one at Jurong east and the other at Katong V Mall. Doreimi Music School specializes in teaching: Piano, Flute, Violin and Guitar. We take in students from age 3 and above. Doreimi classes are mostly individual coaching and small group ensemble coaching. Doreimi Excellence Model 2009 have proven to develop our students into a more confident musician through individual learning, active learning, analytical learning, and performing. Our teaching method: "BACK TO BASICS" was featured by SMBA 2013 and we were awarded as one of the top 500 SMEs in Singapore, and we are also nominated as one of the top ten Singapore quality brands award SQB music schools in singapore.