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Old business models, old social patterns, old means of production, and old geopolitical alliances are no longer operating efficiently, but the models, patterns, means of production, and alliances of the future are not yet in place. The painful turbulence of the last decade reflects the seismic nature of the change now underway, as we move towards a post-carbon world of renewable energy, universal digital communications, sustainable economic growth, and global citizenship. We believe that entrepreneurs are uniquely positioned to help accelerate this transformation, and ensure that it is a force for good. At One Regency, we bring together entrepreneurs to think and talk about what they can do to make a positive difference, set in train action programs that will turn your ideas into reality. Productivity, efficiency and value-adding are our prime core values as we work with SMEs and businesses to innovate existing marketing strategies, upgrade products & services, and to digitalise traditional means of sales & marketing.