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Simplify your recruitment and HR processes, introduce more flexibility, technologies and cost savings We understand how HR and recruitment functions operate – our professionals have all worked within corporate HR environments and we have the local market knowledge, insights and operational expertise to assist you with leading HR and recruitment support. No matter how challenging your problem – fixing a broken national recruitment model, handling a key hiring project, searching for a key executive hire or transforming an HR function – our team can quickly work with you to develop and deliver the right solution. OUR APPROACH Who has the time to keep up with the leading edge of recruitment and HR technologies and service excellence. We understand the realities of “more, faster, better, for less” and we have developed low-cost, high quality, fast to deploy services to support HR and recruitment teams. Our services support employers across the full employee lifecycle, are technology enabled and are delivered in a manner that suits our clients – either via a one-off project or an ongoing managed services arrangement. Our main services feature; -Scalable hiring solutions that can flex to handle recruitment peaks -Project based solutions for project ramps, redeployment and downsizing -Extended HR services that support the full employee life-cycle such as onboarding, HR administration, exits and off-boarding -Leading recruitment and HR technologies, at no extra cost, that support our services and can be branded as you -Transaction based pricing where you only pay for what you use -A lower fee per hire of on average 7% of salary, compared to 15-20% charged by recruitment agencies -No lock-in contracts or upfront payments If you are looking for robust, yet flexible HR services please contact us today.