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Pure Eddiction Pte Ltd

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Pure Eddiction Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1998 with the purpose of manufacturing and distributing gourmet cakes, pastries and bread to the foodservice industry in Singapore. Over the years, we have been supplying to a wide spectrum of establishments which includes restaurants, cafes, hotels, caterers and supermarkets. The company is part of a larger group of companies in the manufacturing and distribution of food and beverages products in Singapore. Collectively, we have more than 20 years of experience and our clientele in the foodservice industry is in excess of a thousand. Started as a cake and pastry manufacturer, our products include French breads & pastries, cakes, tarts, muffins, cookies, puffs and pizza base. And with the expansion of factory, the products have widened to sandwiches assembly and dedicated sauces. Additionally, we are proud to produce our new frozen and flavored thin crust pizza base with one year shelf life for export market. Our notable clientele today consists of a wide spectrum in the food service industry and they are Starbucks Coffee, and Wheeler Estate Café in the café category, Pizza Hut Singapore Pte Ltd, Manhanttan Fish Market and Sushi Express in the restaurant category, Furama Riverfront Singapore, Hotel Miramar (S) Ltd and Carlton City Hotels in the hotel category, ISS Catering, Bellygood Caterer, Select group and Four Seasons in the food catering category, Timbre & Lazy Lizard in the pub category and NTUC FairPrice in the supermarket category. In the recent years, Pure Eddiction saw the emerging trend of our clients who embrace the outsourcing strategy due to economical benefits. To cater for the demand, the immediate strategic decision that the company adopted was to set up a R&D team spear-headed by our Executive Chef personally. The objective of the team is to conduct research on the recipes provided by our clients so as to produce the items to the required specifications. One of the projects handled by the team was Starbucks Coffee’s cake pops. Pure Eddiction was awarded the Singapore contract for this global project. Besides offering items in our product catalogue, we have evolved into a central kitchen producing customized items for our clients using recipes that they provide to us. This allows our clients to leverage on our economies of scale as a manufacturer and wholesaler as well as take advantage of our existing production facilities. Many local franchisees were also able to save on shipping costs and time as well as obtain better operational controls as they now have an option of getting what they need locally without the need to import. In 2005, Pure Eddiction was invited by the Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises (SCORE) to move our production factory into the Singapore Changi Prison Complex as part of the Yellow Ribbon Project. The project was launched by the President of Singapore and aims to engage the society in accepting ex-convicts, giving them a second chance in life. Starts with a premise of 396 sqm and a team of 7 pastry chefs, we employ and train 40 inmates with the aim of imparting life-long skills which will help them re-enter the society upon their release. Besides Yellow Ribbon Projects, Pure Eddiction is also actively supporting other Social Enterprises such as Dialogue in the Dark Singapore and other charity events. Due to market place demand, we have managed to set up our second factory in Jurong Food Hub in 2014. Our expansions have enabled us to employ more than 60 employees in total to satisfy our customers’ requirements better. Our value added service includes reliable delivery service with 4 (chiller and freezer) vehicles which guarantees daily on-time delivery. To complement the kitchen and maintain our best quality, our facilities are also AVA, HALAL and ISO 22,000 certified for the upmost quality maintenance. On top of our tight quality control, our customers are purely delighted with our products’ unique and heartwarming taste and they are produced by our pastry chefs who have vast experience from some of the top hotels in Singapore such as Raffles Hotel and Marriott Hotel. Unfortunately, due to soft economic environment, in 2018, the management decided to divest the facilities in Cluster B and consolidate the production of bread and bakery products in Jurong facilities. Pure Eddiction will continue to grow our core business in the manufacturing and distribution of confectionary items. Moving forward, Pure Eddiction will be working towards the direction of being a solution provider for customers who need a manufacturer for their customized items.